The Team 

We are about the joy of music...and bringing it to others.
— The Brigadiers Audio Team

The Brigadiers Audio team have been designing ‘award winning’ domestic and studio loudspeakers for over thirty years.

We draw on the design experience of David Allen, Morris Swift, Nick Hanson, James Galloway and noted Australian designer Brad Serhan, who has been designing legendary award winning loudspeakers for over 30 years...


Over 150 years of passion for audio

Brigadiers Audio combines over 150 years of passion for audio with real world design and manufacturing experience. We love the creative challenge of designing our own loudspeakers but we also thrive on the collaborative process of designing for others. We formed to focus our theoretical, practical and creative skills into a team that can efficiently turn a client’s design brief into a successful working product.

Brad Serhan

Brad’s career spans over 33 years. Brad founded Orpheus Loudspeakers 1984 and under the Orpheus name, Brad designed ‘award winning’ loudspeakers for the local audiophile market. Brad's speakers have been used by ABC Radio, Channel 10, Channel 7 Sydney, Benchmark Mastering, Studios 301. He then went 'rogue' and designed for fellow Australian loudspeaker manufacturers. 

This year Brad received the Sound & Image 2017  'Lifetime Achievement Award'.

David Allen

David’s career in Telecommunications over the past 25 years has been shadowed by a 35 year passion for everything audio. This has lead to numerous forays into the design and construction of audio systems mainly for personal pleasure. David now brings the disciplines acquired in his professional Telecommunications career to drive business and project management aspects of Brigadiers Audio.

David plays a critical role in the listening evaluation design process. If David gives it the nod, it's all systems go...

David understands the audio chain and hi fi system design synergy.

Nick Hanson

Nick has MEng (Hons) Mechatronic Engineering degree. Nick was employed as a ‘product development engineer’ with hi end loudspeaker company Wilson-Benesch. Nick was team leader, responsible for product design and manufacture, employing materials technology pioneered in the F1 industry. He brought the entire product lifecycle in-house, including carbon fibre ‘resin transfer moulding’ and cabinet manufacture. Nick helped create 9 award-winning products from 1 standard modular component set. Products he worked with in that time were awarded Reference status in the top UK, German and Japanese audio magazines. Nick then moved to Australia to work with Brad Serhan at Orpheus Loudspeakers, as a ‘product development manager / engineer’. He played a critical role in the design and the marketing of the ‘multi-award winning’ Orpheus Aurora range. 

An engineer's engineer...

James Galloway

James has a Masters Degree in Design Science (Audio & Acoustics) from the University of Sydney. During this time he received the ‘Deans Award for Academic Excellence’.  James worked with Brad Serhan for 8 years at Orpheus loudspeakers and was involved in loudspeaker R&D, loudspeaker voicing, evaluation of components, materials and design philosophies using objective and subjective test methods. He is currently working as an Audio Engineer at the Australian National Acoustics Laboratory.

James plays a role in advising on acoustic/measurement problems and is also part of our critical listening team. A very smart young bloke...

Morris Swift

Morris Swift graduated from the University of NSW (Sydney) in 1976 with a degree in electrical engineer - B.E. (Hons 1) - specialising in electronic and embedded systems. After his degree Morris undertook postgraduate studies in Digital Signal Processing. Morris's love of audio goes back to early teenage years, when he was building hi-fi equipment as well as sound reinforcement for bands. His key interest is in active loudspeakers and DSP for improving the audio experience. 

More recently, Morris's background in DSP and electronic engineering has been at the forefront in the development of the soon to be released Brigadier's 'DSP/active One Audio' music system. There will be more to hear from Morris and the One Audio DSP/Active system in 2017.

Morris has intellectual gravitas...