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Quality loudspeaker design for over 30 years

                           Award-winning loudspeakers designed in Australia


                                 Brigadiers Audio combines over 150 years of passion for audio with real world design and                                                          manufacturing experience. We love the creative challenge of designing our own                                                                  loudspeakers but we also thrive on the collaborative process of designing for others.

The Pure Audio electronics were driving the Brigadiers Audio BA-2 monitors into a truly seductive zone for me. Excellent harmonics...great detail...but always musical, top to bottom.
— David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback
Completely pressurised the room with palpable, and realistic bass slam, taking highs and mids to the Nth degree of finesse, and subtlety.
— Rafe Arnott, Part Time Audiophile


Award-winning loudspeaker design